1. скорость <модуль вектора скорости>,
см. тж. airspeed,
2. частота вращения
activation speed
aileron reversal speed
autorotational speed
balked landing safety speed
best endurance speed
best range cruising speed
best-rate-of-climb speed
calibrated air speed
check speed
circuit speed
climbing speed
combat speed
compressor speed
critical decision speed
crossing speed
cruise speed
cruising speed
cruising speed for best range
cutting speed
dash speed
datum speed
decision speed
deck speed
deep-stall speed
descent speed
design speed for maximum gust intensity
dive speed
divergence speed
economic speed
ejection speed
engine-out speed
entry speed
equivalent air speed
extension speed
fan speed
fan rotor speed
ferry speed
final approach speed
flutter speed
forward speed
full-flaps stall speed
ground speed
idle speed
impact speed
indicated speed
indicated air speed
ingress speed
instability speed
jet speed
landing speed
landing approach speed
landing gear placard speed
landing stall speed
lateral speed
lift-off speed
long-range cruise speed
max operating speed
maximum achievable speed
maximum flap operating speed
maximum gear operating speed
maximum permissible rotational speed
mid-supersonic speed
minimum asymmetric control speed
minimum control speed
minimum unstick speed
natural flutter speed
never-exceed speed
no-flap touchdown speed
no-flaps stall speed
no-ice stall speed
passive flutter speed
penetration speed
post-stall speed
propeller speed
propulsor speed
range speed
relaxed speed
reversal speed
rotation speed
rotational speed
rotor speed
rotor tip speed
runway minimum control speed
sea-level speed
single engine control speed
sink speed
sinking speed
slats-in manoeuvring speed
spin speed
stabilised speed
stagnation speed
stall speed
stall-warning speed
stalling speed
stick-shaker operation speed
supersonic maneuvering speed
sustained maneuver speed
sustained maneuvering speed
takeoff speed
takeoff decision speed
takeoff safety speed
takeoff stall speed
target speed
taxiing speed
taxy speed
tip speed
touchdown speed
towing speed
transition speed
trim speed
trimmed speed
true air speed
turbine speed
unstick speed
wave speed
wingborne speed
wings-level speed

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